Research Interests

Although Milena Popov - Nena's interest lies within a broad spectrum of art history and critical theory, her current scholarly and artistic interest is contemporary art and design at the intersection of political, technological, and environmental discourses. In her theoretical an artistic research she frequently explores notions and concepts of eco-aesthetics, participatory art and condition, gesamtkunstwerk, biopolitics, biogenetics, Anthropocene, Post-Antropocene, post-humanism, digital heterotopia, post-colonialism, multiculturalism, globalization, Otherness, and identity.


The most recent and upcoming publications:

Popov, M., Bartlett, P, Ruppert, J (2019). Integrating Core Sustainability Meta-Competencies and SDGs Across the Silos in Curriculum and Professional Development in Ngomo, G. ed. The SDGs and Institutions of Higher Education: Concepts, Cases and Good Practices (book to be published by Springer Publishing)

Popov, M. (2019). “Rethinking Fashion” in Eco Art Practicum (book to be published by New Village Press)

Popov, M., Stevenson, R. (2016). “Where is Korean Art in American Art History Textbooks and Curriculum?.” Proceedings of the 6th Symposium in Korean Studies (2016 Fellowship for American Textbook Specialists booklet). Academy for Korean Studies, pp. 187-204

Popov, M. (2016). “Traditional Korean Paper and Creative Sustainable Practice: Exhibition Review.”March 28, 2016.

Popov, M. (2015). “Eco Fashion Show.” December 15, 2015.

Popov, M. (2015). “Relations Between Eco-Aesthetics and Biopolitics.”Proceedings of the 8th Conf. Int. Forum Urban., 22–24 June 2015; Sciforum Electronic Conference Series, Vol. 8, 2015, A005.

Popov, M. (2013). “Fashion “Without” Borders: Savage Beauty of Alexander McQueen.” journal Kultura, No. 138, March issue, pp. 228-235

Popov, M. (2011). “Contemporary Art as a Mass Communication: Pleasure of Confession in Digital  “Religion.” journal Kultura, No. 131, June issue, pp. 189-195

Popov, M. (2011). “Case Study: Monument to King Petar I Karadjordjevic in Zrenjanin,” Proceedings of the conferenceQuestioning Transitional Dynamics in Re-defining Cultural Identities in South Eastern Europe, January 15-16, 2011.

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