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The Salon is founded, organized and moderated by Milena "Nena" Popov. On this platform for a dialog between intellectuals from various disciplines and from around the globe, invited intellectuals gather to present their work, research, and discuss various current topics in an informal panel style setting. Below is the list of previous Salons.


2019 Space and Memory, Intellectual Salon, May 19, New York, USA

2018 Biogenetics, Art, and Environment, Intellectual Salon, April 5, New York, USA

Crossroads: Himalayan Region in Focus, Intellectual Salon, February 21, New York, USA

2017  In the Name of Art and Science: Drawing an Ethical Line, Intellectual Salon, November 19, New York, USA

          From Vita Passiva to Vita Activa, Intellectual Salon, January 28, New York, USA

2016  Drawn into Abstraction, Intellectual Salon, December 10, New York, USA

          Sound, Nature, Embodiment, Intellectual Salon, April 16, New York, USA

2015  Sci-Art, Art-Sci, Or?, Intellectual Salon, December 13, New York, USA

          Art, Nature, and Technology: Being Human and Non-Human in a Biopolitical Age

          Intellectual Salon, November 1, New York, USA

          Paradise Lost: 6th Extinction, Intellectual Salon, March 8, New York, USA

2014  Semiotics Between Comedy and Tragedy, Play and Revolt, Intellectual Salon,

          November 16 and 23, New York, USA

          Encrypting out of semi-collective techno-subconscious, Intellectual Salon,

          May 18, New York, USA

          Scratching Out Tabula Plenus of the Cloud Feudalism, Intellectual Salon,

          March 30, New York, USA

          Acceleration into the Post-Human, Post Anthropocene, Intellectual Salon,

          January 19, New York, USA

2013  The Participatory Condition, Intellectual Salon, November 30, New York, USA

          Visitor, Artist/Architect, or Both in an Exile, Intellectual Salon, June 5, New  

          York, USA

          Spatial Practices, Intellectual Salon, April 15, New York, USA

          Time of the Anthropocene, Intellectual Salon, January 30, New York, USA

2012  Art and Technology, Intellectual Salon, May 25, New York, USA

          Can Art Save the World?, Intellectual Salon, March 9, New York, USA


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